Why We Love Filming in Miami

We Love Video Shoots in Miami! - Video Production Scouting Miami, FL.

Miami is one of the most popular filming locations for video production companies. Besides readily available services, the city has an endless list of features that attract companies to shoot in Miami including beautiful scenery, exotic wildlife, and a diverse population. Some of the unique aspects about Miami are its vibrant culture, tropical climate, and sunny beaches which are perfect for any project! Add to that our stackable film incentives, and you have video production perfection!

We absolutely love what we do, and Miami is the perfect locale! If you’re curious about what we do, take a look at What Does a Video Production Company Do?

We love to film in Miami. We shoot video here because it’s fun, glamorous, and for many of us, we call it home. If you are visiting, or have lived in the area, you know that there are so many wonderful reasons to choose Miami as your location for a video shoot…

We Love Video Shoots in Miami!

The Beautiful Beaches

Whether you’re looking for crystal clear water with white powdery sand on South Beach, or crashing waves along Hollywood Beach , Miami has some fantastic options. Depending on what type of feel you seek, you can find any kind of beach that suits your specific needs. And if you’re not into the ocean vibe, there are several lakes just minutes away.

The Miami Skyline

If you’re not from around here, this is a must-see. Everyone remarks upon the beauty of our skyline. From tall buildings to a sky full of colorful lights at night, there are lots of great shots to be had in and around it. If you want something specific or unique, contact us and we will make it happen for you!

The Diverse Architecture

Miami’s architecture is both classic and modern – almost any style can be found throughout the city. The only limit is your imagination. We can get your vision on film or video with exquisite results. We love Miami’s diversity which makes every shoot here unique!

Miami’s unique Latin flavor is apparent in the eclectic mix of modern high-rises, Art Deco buildings, and mid-century architecture. With so much world class art deco around, it’s no wonder that Miami was recently named as one of the top ten cities for Art Deco style. If you are looking to shoot a new music video or commercial, why not take advantage of an opportunity like this? It’s fun and there’s plenty to choose from!

Unique People

What happens when you mix beautiful landmarks with attractive people? You get an amazing video that tells the story of our great city. Unlike other cities where you have a hard time finding extras because many residents shy away from being on camera due to bad past experiences, Miami has tons of residents happy to work as background actors during a production shoot. In fact, we’ve been told that it’s not uncommon for some local talent agents to call up catering companies looking for employees who have taken acting classes in order to use them as background actors while they’re working on set.

Because we live here, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some really interesting people over the years. People here are “different”, but in a very positive way! We’ve shot video with some celebrity-like locals, all kinds of models looking for exposure, and even local bands who could rock out on the beach if they had to!

The Weather

Let’s face it. When you’re shooting video or film, you don’t always have the luxury of being able to pick the weather for your location. Miami has sunshine year round , mild winter temperatures, and even occasional thunderstorms in the summer!

No wonder this area is a hot spot for movies! Between the lush landscapes and scenic beaches – a video shoot in Miami is a no brainer!

Miami’s Diverse Neighborhoods are Always Film-Ready

Miami is more than just palm trees and turquoise-hued water. The city is packed with diverse neighborhoods offering many different sides and looks. Here in South Florida, we’re fortunate to have a number of locations that make for a great video shoot experience. Our neighborhood spots can be anywhere from a boutique hotel or high-rise building, to an art gallery or beachside hotel. The reason behind this? We’ve got it all – and our residents love living here! From the luxury waterfront condos lining the coast line, to the tropical gardens nestled into city streets – Miami is truly unique. This area has been known as “The Gateway to Latin America”, which sets us apart from other metropolitan cities who may overlook their Hispanic culture neighborhoods. In fact, 37% of people living in Miami are foreign born – about half from Latin America alone.

Miami also has many versatile backdrops. The city can mimic many locales near and far. From New York style buildings to vibrant South Beach, this city has it all. This is partly due to the fact that Miami was once dubbed “The Magic City” which started its rapid growth in the 1920s.

Film Project Incentives

Bringing your film projects to Miami-Dade also now provides the production industry with cost-benefit savings! Miami-Dade County and municipalities like City of Miami Beach and North Miami have implemented local film and entertainment production incentives in order to attract filmmakers to the Greater Miami area.


With so many spots both outdoors and indoors available around our city, we are certain to impress any production company or client looking for the perfect backdrop. Plus, our average of 280 sunny days per year makes it easier than ever to schedule an outdoor shoot. For those interested in shooting on the beach – just remember you must check with your local lifeguard station first. There are specific areas that are designated for shooting, so just remember to stay out of the way of the lifeguards!

No matter what your vision is for a video, Miami is a great choice with many diverse neighborhoods and a Miami video production company to help you bring it to life.

Miami video production is perfect for any business looking for an area with unique character and charm. Our experienced crew will do our best to accommodate anything your project requires during production so you can be assured everything will go effortlessly while the cameras roll on site. So, if you think our city would afford you some great shots for your next project, give us a call! We’ve got plenty of experience in making sure every scene is shot beautifully and productions here run smoothly.

We love seeing people get excited about a video shoot in Miami and we’re ready to help you when you are!

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