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If you’re looking for a Miami video production company, there are many services that they can provide. For example, let’s say you want to create a marketing explainer video about your product or service. In this case, the team will take your script and design visuals to accompany it as well as produce the final video. This is just one of many types of video services that companies offer so no matter what types of video styles or projects you have in mind, chances are they do it too!

Let’s start by defining what a Corporate Video is: a catch-all term for video communications used for internal or external corporate messaging, such as presentations, training films, and financial reports.

Here are the various types of Corporate Videos that make up a company’s Video Marketing Strategy and detail around each:

1. Company Profile

Company Profile Videos are similar to company introduction videos, but instead of focusing on the history of your firm and sharing important milestones, they provide a more comprehensive view of your business. They focus on your core values, purpose, ethics, history, as well as messages from high-ranking executives.

2. Promotional Videos

Videos that are designed to promote your company or product are known as Promotional Videos. They can also be used to raise consumer awareness for the introduction of new goods or services. Product Videos and Service Videos are two types of promotional videos.

Brand Videos are meant to compliment your marketing strategy and boost brand recognition in your target market(s).

3. Explainer Videos

An explainer video is an informative video with the goal of highlighting a company’s product or service in an attractive, fun, and educational way. They differ from commercials because they avoid commercial elements and concentrate on the informative. Live action, animated, or a combination of both are possible.

4. Investor Relations Videos

Videos for Investors and internal staff are examples of Investor Relations Videos. End-of-year reports are an example of this. They may aid in the effective delivery of critical financial information.

5. Recruiting/Training/How-To/Safety Videos

Recruiting videos are an excellent approach to attract potential employees by showing them a glimpse of your company’s culture and operations.

Internal procedures and programs are addressed in workplace Training and Safety videos. They’re perfect for educating staff on topics such as security and compliance.

6. Internal Communication Videos

Communication videos are used to share information within a business or with clients. This might be useful when trying to inform employees about company news, changes in direction, or resources.

7. Event/Conference/Tradeshow Videos

Event Videos are often compilations or recaps of the event the firm hosted or took part in. They’re a useful tool for fostering company culture.

Conference videos are an excellent method to provide your consumers with insight into key themes such as industry trends, current issues, potential solutions, and future prospects for your company or sector. They can also be instructional videos that may be shown at the conference itself.

Tradeshow videos typically recap the events that occurred during the show, often in the form of compilations.

8. Testimonial Videos

Videos of testimonials are a great way to communicate with your prospects in an appealing manner. They can be more beneficial than written testimonials since people are more likely to watch them than read them. You may also utilize video footage that the person being filmed talks about to promote your business further.

9. Corporate Social Responsibility Videos

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business’s means of publicizing its charitable efforts in the hopes of improving tomorrow. CSR Videos may be beneficial to your company since they give you another format with which to highlight your CSR activities.


Video is a powerful tool for marketing and business because it gives you the opportunity to reach people on an emotional level. If your company needs Miami video production services, let our team of experts help! We have years of experience in Corporate Video Production, animation videos, TV ads, and more – so we’ve seen what works best time after time.

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