In 2020, NERF called us for help on a last-minute production request, involving a handful of notable NFL stars. The idea behind the campaign was to use the name recognition provided by these stars to create fun viral content that promoted awareness for the brand.

NERF wanted to capitalize on the Super Bowl and the unrelenting attention on football that it brings, and a lot of the players happened to all be in Miami for the event. They wanted to create a series of comedy videos, called NERF HOUSE, that had the players engaging in play combat while co-opting the aesthetics of a sitcom parody.


The first challenge with this process involved the pre-production timeline. We had two business days from when the project was awarded until the shoot day to crew up the production and secure a location that would fit our needs. The shoot needed a large house that provided multiple looks, as well as enough space to provide for hair and makeup for multiple players.

We also had to manage the scheduling puzzle, which involved getting five different NFL players to appear as though they were all in the same room together- even though we only had two hours with each player, and their scheduling was staggered, so they were rarely actually in the same room. The director did a great job pulling this off creatively, but the shooting schedule required hours of thought in terms of executing this logistically.

Finally, shooting during Super Bowl week means that most of the best gear and crew were already snapped up by countless other video productions in the Miami area. Police are required for shoots like this, and it got to the point where the police department wasn’t sure they could even spare a single officer. We put our connections and experience to good use here and sourced the equipment, crew, and other personnel needed to execute with no compromises on quality.


For only having a single day of production, we generated content for five different videos. These videos were staggered out weekly by NERF, Julian Edelman, and other players involved, and received over 600,000 views, creating a strong value for the brand.

Artex was responsible for production for this project and we look forward to helping other inquiring brands put together last-minute, run-the-gambit shoots like this one- we always relish a challenge and making the impossible a reality.