Govee: Let Yourself Shine


Govee is an innovator in the fast-growing LED strip light business, leading with technology like RGBIC (which allows users to control individual bulbs on a strip) and app control.

They reached out to us needing a video production company for concepts and execution of a pre-roll campaign, with a focus on how their lights are so customizable that they become an expression of their user’s personality.

Since they were being specifically created for pre-roll and social media formats, the videos had to have enough of a hook to grab people and prevent them from clicking through, while also being dense with product info to drive conversions for the brand.


One of the hard and fast rules of pre-roll is that if you haven’t captured the audience’s attention somehow in the first three seconds, you are done. It can be a challenging format, as you are presenting content that acts as a barrier of sorts between the user and the content they really want to see, so the idea is to give them something they don’t want to look away from, be really quick about it, and impart a lasting single impression that drives sales.

Using this as a starting place, we knew we had to make visually flashy, aggressive choices, and pair that with energetic music that made the spots fun to watch.
We also wanted to make an immediate connection between personality and the product. We created characters that, through art direction, had instantly recognizable passions and tastes in color. We used their color combinations as a shorthand to help create the idea that, just like through your taste in clothes and design, LED lights can help your personality shine.

We decided to build four diverse sets in a soundstage and color-coded them to each character’s interests, using bright colors and thoughtful set design to make sure the image leapt off the screen from the first frame.

This gave us the ability to load up on product info on every shot afterward, from unboxing to installation to using the app to pick colors, and never become boring thanks to the stylized look of our production design.

They end by fulfilling the promise of the product, showing a space brought to life by Govee, customized to the user’s taste, and inviting others to let themselves shine.


This project resulted in four pre-roll spots for the brand, each featuring a character that represented a different segment of their target demographic and focused on different applications of the product.

They were also combined to make a single brand video for Govee, for use on their website and various channels.

The spots are currently driving conversations and brand awareness for Govee via YouTube pre-roll and IG, with hundreds of thousands of total views within the first month of being posted and was featured in a broadcast buy during ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight.

Artex was responsible for the conceptualization, treatment, production, and post-production for this project. We completed this video production in Miami.



We’re currently partnering with Govee to create other campaigns showing how their innovative products can bring a little light to their customers’ lives.

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