Marketing Trends 2022: 10 Trends for Growth in 2022

Marketing Trends 2022: 10 Trends for Growth in 2022 - Video Production Miami, FL

Marketing is one of the most difficult aspects to understand in marketing. There are many marketing trends that will see growth in 2022, including short-form video, influencer marketing, virtual reality and augmented reality, increased concern with privacy, the dominance of Facebook, increasing influence of LinkedIn in B2B markets. Consumers sharing brand experiences is also a trend that will grow rapidly over the next few years as more people turn to social media for their news and information. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence will increase as companies look for ways to automate marketing activities and make marketing easier for their employees. Corporate social responsibility has become increasingly important as consumers want to know what brands they support do behind closed doors. Even small business video marketing has been impacted by these seismic shifts in the marketing landscape.

Short Form Video

You didn’t think we’d write an article about marketing trends without mentioning video did you? Video marketing is one of the most popular marketing trends used by marketers today. Video has the power to connect with potential customers in a way that other marketing mediums can’t. In 2022, short form video will continue to be popular as more people move towards watching videos on their mobile devices. With the consumer’s ever shortening attention span, short form videos are the perfect way to grab their attention and engage them with your brand. In fact, marketing trends show that over half of marketers who use short-form corporate video plan to increase their investment in that strategy in 2022.

Influencer Marketing

Another marketing trend that has grown significantly over the past few years is influencer marketing, and it will continue to grow faster than ever before in 2022. Influencer marketing will continue to be a powerful marketing tool, with more and more businesses turning to influencers to help promote their products and services. Influencers have a following that is usually more engaged than other marketing channels. In 2022, businesses will continue to invest in influencer marketing as it becomes more popular with consumers. Social media personalities have become household names and people rely on them as authentic sources of information around the brands they support.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

In 2022, augmented and virtual reality marketing will skyrocket. More consumers are looking for experiences that allow them to have fun with their friends and family, or to try something new. VR/AR allows businesses to provide these types of experiences through innovative marketing tools.

Customers immersed in a digital world where they can quickly discover things and test them before actually making a purchase with AR and VR technologies. These cutting-edge technologies completely change the customer experience, turning a prospect into a buyer.

Augmented reality has already shown to be beneficial in terms of customer satisfaction. However, there is much more ahead for the industry. One use for the technology allows customers to see a product’s size and how it would look in their homes in real time, thus reducing future returns.

The furniture giant IKEA is an example of a company that has effectively utilized AR-driven placement. The firm offers an Augmented Reality mobile app that allows customers to measure home furnishings and see how they would look in their homes.

Virtual reality will have a significant influence on the real estate industry. It enables potential buyers of houses or apartments to see the property without actually visiting it in person.

The technology allows businesses to construct an exact replica of a home or apartment and offer visitors the opportunity to virtually visit using a virtual reality headset. The model is based on a building-in-progress house or apartment that once selected, can be reconstructed.

Privacy Concerns

In recent years privacy concerns has been growing rapidly among customers. Headlines around data breaches and whistleblower reports have made customers more concerned about their personal data that is being collected. In 2022, marketing will have to become even more transparent with their personal information, how it’s used, and especially how it’s protected.

Facebook Dominance

In 2022, Facebook will continue to dominate marketing platforms as businesses find new ways to reach potential customers on the popular social media platform. While marketing on other platforms will continue to grow, Facebook’s popularity with consumers and businesses will allow it to remain a powerful marketing tool going into 2022.

LinkedIn Grows in B2B Markets

In recent years LinkedIn has become increasingly popular as more people turn towards social media for their news and information. In 2022, the growth of LinkedIn marketing will continue as businesses look for new marketing strategies to reach potential customers. LinkedIn marketing is ideal for B-to-B marketing and has become a popular platform in recent years with marketers looking to connect with professionals who use the social media platform on a regular basis.

Sharing Brand Experiences

In 2022, consumers are going to expect more from marketing as they continue to share their experiences online. In marketing, it’s critical for businesses to have a consistent brand experience across the board in order to make customers happy and keep them coming back for more.

Podcasts and Audio

In 2022, podcasts and audio marketing will continue to grow as a way for businesses to connect with customers. Audio marketing is a great way to appeal to customers who are looking for information on the go. It’s also been shown that people tend to remember more of what they hear than what they read. And since people are busier than ever, providing engaging/entertaining information via audio is perfect for the many multitaskers in the market.

Machine Learning and AI Marketing

In 2022 companies will begin using machine learning marketing on a wider scale as new technology is developed that allows brands to automate marketing tasks. Machine learning marketing is a process that uses algorithms to learn from data and improve over time. This type of marketing can help businesses save time and money while improving their marketing strategies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2022, more companies will begin to invest in corporate social responsibility as a way to connect with customers on a deeper level. Consumers want to see and know what brands they support do behind closed doors. In order to stay relevant marketing will need to invest in corporate social responsibility as a way of demonstrating their brand’s values and commitment to them.


In 2022 marketing trends will evolve and change as we continue to use new technology. The importance of marketing transparency, customer privacy concerns, Facebook dominance, LinkedIn growth in B2B markets, short-form video marketing and influencer marketing will increase over time. Businesses must invest in corporate social responsibility to stay relevant with their customers. If you want help from a Miami video production company with enacting these principles or need a partner for your marketing plan contact us today! We’ll work closely with you every step of the way so that you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

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