Covid-19 precautions

We are committed to executing productions in the safest manner possible. While our nation addresses the challenges presented by coronavirus, we will be implementing these top-level guidelines for the foreseeable future.

Additional, department-specific guidelines will also be implemented on a project-by-project basis for Covid-19 video productions.

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Protocols we're implementing

Health screening

All cast, crew, vendors, and client personnel will have their temperature taken via no-contact infrared thermometer upon arrival on set. Anyone presenting Covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed on set.


Hand washing/sanitizing stations will be placed at all entry and exit points. Individual members of each department will be assigned to sanitize equipment and high-touch areas such as doorknobs and countertop surfaces at regularly scheduled intervals.

Personal protective equipment

Masks and gloves will be provided to everyone on set.

Social distancing

All efforts will be made to maintain a 6-foot distance.

Small agency,
mighty capabilities

COVID-19 is affecting marketing budgets around the world.

Our full-service, in-house model at Artex is more valuable than ever. Our streamlined approach that combines agency and production company roles, creates cost efficiencies that we get to pass on to our clients.

Animation and post-production are always 100% safe. Our animation studio creates beautiful work that makes absolutely no compromises due to COVID, and our creatives can make captivating videos out of stock or pre-existing footage.

It may not be feasible for clients to be on set for the foreseeable future. We are prepared to meet that reality with QTAKE, the industry standard in remote client viewing.

Some concepts may not require a production crew to be involved at all. Our in-house production team is ready to offer solutions to create content remotely.

We understand that budgets are tight right now. We offer competitive pricing to make sure you can meet your marketing goals regardless of the pandemic.