Corporate Video: 11 Reasons Why Your Company Needs It

Your Company Needs Corporate Video Production

It’s no secret that in this day and age, companies need to do everything they can for survival. Not only does one have the task of offering products or services with excellence but also standing out from their competition – especially when there are so many other businesses trying just as hard! With all these factors involved, it becomes clear why having an effective video strategy would be crucial not only on the business website but also across social media video platforms like YouTube which has over 2.3 billion active users per month!

As the video market is booming, video activities have been widely used in many aspects of business. Corporate video provides a business with great content that reflects not only what’s happening internally within their organizations but also makes sure the business can communicate effectively with stakeholders, vendors, and current/future customers. In fact, marketing trends 2022 show us just how crucial video will be for any busienss looking to compete in the marketplace.

In this article we will share some broad concepts on how to increase your company’s online footprint with video, and some tips that will improve video views and gain real results for your business.

Here is a list of 11 reasons why your company needs video:

Reason 1: Social Media Engagement

Engage with your followers through Video


This First Reason is a long one but an important one! Social media is a major tool for marketing today. If you want new customers or job candidates, it’s important to have an online presence on these platforms that features video. The more people watch your videos and click through links in those posts – the higher your engagement and the higher your chances of success!

When browsing the internet, it’s not hard to find entertainment. With an average person spending 100 minutes per day watching online videos in 2021 and 9 out of 10 viewers saying they want brands & businesses to provide more video content for them, this is a lucrative market which should be explored by companies who have creative ideas!

When sharing information through videos, keep them engaging by making sure there is something new or actionable for the viewers. However, it’s also important to keep video information simple and when possible, make them funny or at least, entertaining.

Make sure you engage your viewers in a positive manner in order to attract them closer to your brand. Ask questions in videos or encourage viewers to submit their opinions about the video content via comments which will motivate them further to watch and share video content from your social media channels. In that way, people will pay attention to what they see from you because there’s always one thing that really attracts us – interaction from other people!


Reason 2: Customers Want Brand Engagement

Video marketing is a great way to engage customers.

Speaking of engagement, not only is it a good idea from a branding perspective, but customers actually want it too! Brands are increasingly competing in a more connected world where consumers look to get closer and deeper with the brands they love. It’s no longer enough for businesses to just have great products, but how you treat your customers matters too! 

Real people and authentic relationships can make or break it – that is why 70% of Americans feel more connected when CEOs take part on social media platforms, especially via recorded or live video, as well as share information about company initiatives online via blogs posts etc. And over half report feeling similarly around video content posted by employees who work within the business day to day.

Create video stories, not just video clips without any context for your viewers. Give them new, fresh and interesting videos that they can enjoy rather than watching some boring announcement video. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes when creating the video content so you know what they want to see. When people closely identify with a brand, they follow the business closely on social media because they are getting something of deeper value beyond the actual product or service. This is called consumer-brand identification.

Reason 3: Build Trust

Every business needs to build trust


With so many companies delivering the same message, it’s hard to know who you should trust. However a well-designed video with an engaging and emotional story helps people emotionally connect in order for them to develop that level of confidence needed from your business or organization.

A strong video can make all the difference when trying to influence a potential customer. Through storytelling techniques such as music choice / score, location and lighting, a video can create empathy which garners trust in potential or existing customers.

If you want to build a trustworthy reputation with your audience, video content can also help by showcasing your depth of expertise. And by making your video both informative and entertaining, viewers will be more willing to like and share your video within their network of friends, which has the potential to expand your video views and your overall reach.

Reason 4: Your Customers are Mobile

People are watching mobile video content more ever before


With 75% of all online videos played on mobile devices, corporate videos are perfect for any business looking to market themselves. This type of video can be watched on the go, so they’re always accessible no matter where you may find yourself browsing or working! Plus with a creative enough intro hook that grabs your viewers within 10 seconds – these short film segments will have them engaged from start till finish. Keep in mind that 75% of viewers prefer horizontal formatting when setting up your video!


Reason 5: Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Videos will give your search rankings some gas


The power of video to rank higher in search engine rankings has been clearly demonstrated time and again. Video content is preferred by Google, so every business needs a strong video presence for optimal visibility on SERPs (search engine result pages). The more engaging your commercial’s title tags are with keywords relevant users are typing into their query bar or web browser window at any given moment – be it before purchasing an item online based off its top ranking listing; watching YouTube clips related directly back towards current interests – these things all boost your rankings and of course, visibility!

Reason 6: Reach the World

Go global

Leveraging a strong SEO ranking can help you create the perfect storm for attracting global search users and creating lasting impressions on them. If you’re interested in international visitors to your website or channel, be sure to develop content with an international flair!


Reason 7: Ease of Communication

Business communication is now easier than ever

Corporate videos can both summarize this information as well as giving a flavor of what your business is like! Videos are an excellent way to quickly communicate with clients and job seekers. In addition, they’re also great for building brand awareness in today’s fast-paced world where nobody has time to read boring walls of text; especially when there could potentially be other things vying for attention (like cool cat videos, or maybe actual work).


Reason 8: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Say a better “hello!” with video

As soon as someone lands on your site, they are forming an impression. That first glance is all that’s needed for potential customers to decide if this company aligns with their needs, wants, and values! So instead of just having a boring stock photo or worse:a bunch of text; show off your best side with an eye-catching video above that fold that absolutely compels them to keep watching.


Reason 9: Get Creative

Flex that marketing muscle

Your marketing team needs a creative video production resource while making sure the company’s message stays on-brand. Why not tap into an outside video production agency’s talent for this? They can do wonders with visuals and videos, and design an entire video content experience while still keeping your core group focused in their own areas of expertise. No need for your team to get bogged down in the finer details of video production – leave it to the experts!

Reason 10: Nurture Warm Leads

Keep the leads warm until they convert

Video can be a great way to make your customers feel more connected with you and it’s also an excellent tool for later stages in the sales funnel, where there is already familiarity. About Us Videos, Behind the Scenes Videos, or Testimonial Videos from happy past clients work well at closing those warm leads! You might even consider creating business case study videos that showcase successful projects completed by people just like them looking for their next project.


Reason 11: Call to Action a.k.a. Close More Sales

Time to convert

There’s something about video that can make the difference between someone clicking on your sales page and buying what you’re offering, or bouncing. 

After all, besides the fact that 76% of marketing professionals reported that video helped them increase sales, it’s also been shown that including a video on your website landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%.

Testimonials, emotion-evoking content like customer success stories or emotionally charged videos – all help encourage customers to buy! The right kind of visual media will give them an emotional connection with whatever product or service you offer, forming the basis for rationalizing the purchase and moving forward with your offer.



So Many Reasons

It should be clear to see why your business needs video, to attract more visitors and spread brand awareness. From search engine ranking to helping close the sale – all while increasing your bottom line – videos can deliver results for you! If you’re in the market for a Miami video production company, give us a call!

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