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The Celebrity Edge Reveal

March 16 2017 by
Hello! Typical internet greeting, What’s that rumble you hear? Coming deep from within the Earth? Why, it’s the arrival of our Celebrity EDGE Reveal video, so fresh-hot from our video oven that I’m typing this with my hands covered in bandages and slathered in aloe. Behold! (above.) There’s so much to say about this project […]

Elephant Insurance

December 22 2016 by
Hello to all! And Happy New Year from Artex Productions. In lieu of mailing you a beautiful hand-written Holiday Card, we instead offer you this ridiculous photograph taken at our annual Artex Holiday Party, know as the PIGMAS: We prefer you do not ask any follow-up questions about the photograph and instead consult our handy […]


July 19 2016 by
Dearest Friends/Anonymous Internet Persons, Today we bring you our BYCLE video, which you can play above. If you like pretty things, or cycling, or both, you would probably appreciate taking a breather from your day to watch it. This spot had us in full Nat Geo mode: we embedded ourselves deep in the Arizona mountain wilderness, […]

Caseology: Cases for all the things you love

May 2 2016 by
Dearest Virtual Folk, The above video is our Caseology spot (you can also check it out on our WORK page), and if you hit the play button, you will be treated to 30 seconds of phone cases. If you’ve already seen it (2nd notice: watch), then you can already tell that’s WAY cooler than it […]

Airbnb Mexico

March 7 2016 by
Dearest Friends, Family, Clients, and Anonymous Internet Folk, If you’re here, you have no doubt landed on our brand-new webpage, with its brand-new-branding and widgets and doodads flying around the screen, all the time. Congratulations! You’re in a much better place than if you were reading this post on our old site. And what better […]

For Pablo Manavello, 1950-2016

January 22 2016 by
As many of you who are close to us know, on this Monday, January 16, Ricardo’s father Pablo Manavello passed away unexpectedly. This is a grievous wound for the Artex family. Despite all of our personal feelings about him, which are legion, we are forever in his debt institutionally, as a company.  Pablo was a […]

The Black label: THEN, NOW, ALWAYS

August 6 2015 by
Hello all! Very excited about today’s post because this a personal project for us. Just stumbled back in from the 2015 ADDY Awards, bleary-eyed, two hot-from-the-oven Gold Addys firmly locked in our steel vice-like grasps. There was something…was it hope? Yes, hope, pulsing through our veins and filling our ventricles. Hope pouring from our thoughts out, out beyond horizon and into the infinite void.
Intima Hogar - Peter Vahan - Artex Productinos – The best international TV commercial production company in Miami

Intima Hogar Shoot Recap

October 16 2014 by
As this is Miami, I surely do not need to remind you that INTIMA HOGAR means "Badger Palace" in Creole. We were contracted to transform their marketing into something more cinematic and emotional while still being informative about quite a number of details- this is no small task in the claustrophobic confines of 30 seconds.

2014 Artex Iberostar Campaign

September 9 2014 by
Hello all! I am hoping today finds you stuck at your desk in a rainstorm, because I’m about to show you pretty pictures of beaches that you’re not currently on. Congrats on that. We were contacted over a year ago by all-inclusive hotel giant IBEROSTAR (Yes, they are from Spain, for those of you that […]
Lauren Conrad - Malibu Rum - Artex Productions

Malibu + Lauren Conrad Shoot

August 29 2014 by
Hey guys, Long time no talk. We’ve had a craaaazzzy few months here, more of which we’ll talk about in the coming weeks. I don’t know who I am any more. Who am I? Probably the best place to start with it all is this little shoot we had with Lauren Conrad (she of THE […]