Case study/VISA + ORBITZ: Where Do You Want To Be?


VISA + ORBITZ: Where Do You Want To Be?


During the frigid month of November, NYC-based agency MRY came down to Miami to work on a Visa/Orbitz cross-promo campaign. Since we had already established a relationship with MRY on their Coca-cola shoot, the process was seamless for all of us.  The challenge came in the creative. We had to build a massive sandcastle. It needed to be a mash-up of iconic structures from around the world…and we had 1 week to do it.


Backed by the finest team any producer could ask for, we literally combed the planet to find the best sand sculpting architects. It just so happened that the country’s largest sand sculpting competition was taking place in parallel with our shoot dates and nearly every architect was entered in it. Somehow, we found one man in Switzerland, another in Chicago and two women from Seattle a few nights before the shoot and convinced them to get on a flight the next morning. Throw in 45 tons of eco-friendly sand, several time-lapse rigs, a few drones and 3 days of sculpting and you have yourself a cross promo video for Visa and Orbitz!


BBDO was running a similar campaign in parallel with ours. Their spot had media buy dollars behind it. Our video had no media buy dollars behind it. The BBDO spot maxed out at 565,000 views. Within the first week, our video had 1 million views. It now sits at a comfortable 8.9 million views. Our collaboration in the creative process became a crucial part of the success of the video. Artex Creative Director, Tim Warren, developed the idea of shooting the whole process with high-end cinematic time-lapse cameras.  He also provided the inspiration behind the actual sculpture.

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