Case study/The Black Label: Then, Now, Always


The Black Label: Then, Now, Always


We were tasked with demonstrating Johnnie Walker as a brand that evolves through time, but has its feet firmly planted in tradition and encourages viewers to KEEP WALKING. Given that we are generally awesome, we were also tasked to do this in a completely awesome way, so one of our key points of focus throughout the project was to make the degree of difficulty as high as humanly possible. The task was to make a true centerpiece spot that was cutting-edge in production and post-production tactics while staying true to the rustic nature of the brand, and connecting that with the modern day.




We really wanted this spot to be a representation of who we were as filmmakers, working in our desired style, which is formal, heavily stylized, and has a smack of the surreal– basically, we hope that our spots come out like mini-movies rather than obvious commercials.  To this aim, we created an idea that moves seamlessly through time via GFX transitions, drafted up the “golden energy” that physically represents the feeling of drinking Johnnie Walker, and chose setups that were visually cinematic, whether that involved braving 9-degree weather in Banner Elk, NC, or rounding up an entire swing dance ensemble as your extras.


The result is a high-value, beautifully-photographed, moody spot, where you can feel and hear the sound of Johnnie’s tools, be immersed in a 1930-s era speakeasy or transported to a modern-day NYC rooftop.We tried to mainly rely on visual storytelling, which we think worked great- you feel the labor of Johnnie’s hands in the first segment, the joy of the swing dance of the second sequence, and the camaraderie of the three gentlemen at the end. Combined with the stunning photography work, this is one of our favorite spots.

This spot won two Gold awards at the American Advertising Federation’s ADDY awards in 2015.

Johnnie Walker Black Label: Then, Now, Always - Artex video production team in Miami