Case study/PLUM: For Love of Wine


PLUM: For Love of Wine


There’s a lot of pressure on the marketing of new products, especially if the product is a piece of brand-new tech that can be hard to understand right away. This pressure is twofold- not only is there a strong need to explain and persuade, there’s also the driving questions about whether the market wants or needs the product that can make everyone nervous about how it’s marketed. On top of everything, the price point of cutting-edge tech means you need to aggressively convince your target audience.

We were brought on for the launch of PLUM, a brand-new wine preservation system that automatically recognizes and preserves wine at the vintner’s ideal conditions, ensuring you would never need to pour a bottle down the drain again. We were given a brand brief and told to apply our expertise from the concept and scripting angle all the way through post-production, graphics, and delivery. As the video was to be the primary sales tool in explaining the product, there was a lot riding on the job.



Right away, we saw the opportunity to combine the style of a luxury car commercial with that of a household/tech product, an unlikely pairing because typically those car commercial rely on, you know, cars, to do part of the lifting. Part of the challenge was that rather than cinematically sweeping through landscapes like cars do, PLUM sits on a counter and doesn’t do much in the way of moving.

Our solution was multifaceted- we knew the edit would have to feature some interesting extra context, so we designed a split-screen layout that borrowed from the shape of the device itself. We knew lifestyle moments would carry more of the video than actual product shots, ESPECIALLY since the most scientifically-advanced parts of this amazing device were tucked inside the machine, well out of reach from our cameras and lenses. Thus, we designed a luxury lifestyle spot with amazing models, lighting, and location that relies on music and mood to convey that luxury lifestyle sexiness without being dishonest to the use of the product.

The script, which Artex created, went through 10+ drafts as we deftly balanced brand language with the need to educate and inform people on something that they may not understand all that well.

But at the end of the day, we most needed to capture the sophistication of the customer- from the locations, to the wardrobe, props, lighting, everything needed to have this high-end feel while being limited to the settings that best expose the product.


Our video piece for PLUM has the honor of leading the sale on PLUM’s website. PLUM has been reviewed by prestigious magazines such as FORBES, WIRED, and ENGADGET, and PLUM is currently being sold to hotel chains all over the world and will soon be released to the general public. A consistent comment from prospective clients has been what a good job the video does at opening the sale, conveying the level of luxury provided by the project, and engaging with the consumer till the end of the runtime.

This is an excellent case study for our ability to turn our aesthetic and filmmaking ability into a tangible sales object that can help close the deal in even the most difficult sales settings.

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