Case study/How to Airbnb: Mexico


How to Airbnb: Mexico


We were tasked by AIRBNB to create a dynamic video explaining How to Airbnb to Mexican consumers. As part of the ask, the video had to be complete in less than three weeks from completing the ask, which is an extremely accelerated timeline (read: HARD), and also could only be shot in actual Airbnbs that were located on or near the Pacific Coast. The video was to be warm and personable, but also cinematic and upscale, representing Airbnb’s place as an innovative global brand.


We always strive to apply our cinematic style to whatever we are tasked with; we firmly believe that if viewers are treated more like audience members in a cinema, rather than statistics to be pushed around in a spreadsheet, the message will always land harder. While leeway regarding scripting didn’t really make sense (the script had to cover how to AIRBNB, which is complicated enough to allow for no time to set up concept), this video is an excellent case study in our attention to detail. In addition to beautiful lighting and expert cinematography, which are the biggest factors in elevating the spot above its “how-to” origins, we also thought that a consistency of camera direction and very precise camera moves would give the spot a visual energy that would keep viewers engaged beyond the messaging.


The resulting spot hit all of the right buttons for Airbnb- from a performance, photography, and post-production angle. Relatively unsupervised given the fact that this was meant to address a sudden and last-minute need, the brand team at Airbnb was blown away by the spot’s quality. We pride ourselves in being “self-policing”– while we are of course used to the flow of the set when the client carefully supervises, we also love that we’re a go-to team when a client needs quality, needs it right away, and doesn’t have a lot of staff available to oversee the project directly.

This video has gone on to serve the client in expanding their MX reach, thanks to its entertaining construction and clear delivery of information. It received two Silver nods from the American Advertising Federation’s ADDY Awards in 2016.

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