Case study/The Celebrity Edge Reveal


The Celebrity Edge Reveal


Working with Celebrity Cruises’ marketing and new build teams, we were asked to conceptualize and execute a cinematic and impactful launch video, announcing their new class of ships, the EDGE class. The project was tasked with demonstrating future spaces via renderings in a cinematic and 3D way, and produce interviews and b-roll that supported the story that resembled a high-end documentary series, such as Netflix’s Chef’s Table.  This project involved traveling to the shipyard in St. Nazaire, France, and flying to a designer’s studio in central London. It also required soundbites from very famous and successful designers and architects, such as Kelly Hoppen (Dragon’s Den, BBC) and Tom Wright (architect of the Burj al Arab, one of the world’s most recognizable skyscrapers). On top of all that, the video was to be extensive in its detail, pushing almost 10 minutes at length with less than six weeks for total post-production (including 3D animation.) The video also required traveling to LA to film celebrity designer Nate Berkus for the final piece of the puzzle.


This project was basically a gauntlet, testing our team in various categories of expertise that we have been building over the years, including cinematography, interview, mood-building, shooting and logistics in a foreign city and country, and full-3D animation. We had several areas of focus that sum up our focus: 1. we wanted to create interview sections that did not feel dry, like a documentary or a “behind the scenes” but rather something that was the main course itself. 2. We wanted to capture an emotional, personal element from our interview subjects so that the content never felt stock, and collect B-roll that supported the story. 3. We wanted the 3D animation to feel as photo-real as possible so the quality of the image and textures was immersive rather than distracting 4. We wanted the whole piece to feel like a movie rather than a piece of branded content.

The final result expresses our success in all four areas.



It turned out that this video was exactly what Celebrity Cruises needed to tell their story and back up their press announcement with compelling brand-film work. This video accompanied the press event launching the ship, was used extensively on their website to drive bookings, and was distributed via social channels and directly to the press. The video inspired “goosebumps” from CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo and was described by Royal Caribbean LTD’s Chairman and CEO as the best launch video for a ship that the company has ever done. It was widely viewed and shared across all channels in release week, trending to #2 on Twitter and picking up millions of Facebook impressions within days of being posted. The videos are viewed many times per day directly through Celebrity’s website in service of bookings as well. In terms of scope, quality of product, and client satisfaction, this is the most successful project we have ever taken on, and we executed every leg of the project from start to finish.

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