Case study/Caseology: Cases for All the Things You Love


Caseology: Cases for All the Things You Love


We were asked to make a compelling :30 TV and Internet spot for CASEOLOGY, one of the leading sellers of smartphone cases online. The spot was to convey the brand attitude and demonstrate the idea that cell phone cases can be a fashion accessory that you swap out for different occasions, just like a handbag or jewelry. The client asked to show a wide (50+) variety from their catalog, plus lifestyle moments that were “frozen in time”, meaning observed naturally rather than staged. The spot had to have entertainment value, as its primary target was the web, which has an epic skip-through rate and needs to engage right out of the gate.


We had a ball with this one, using the mechanics of the ASK to provide the basis of the creative in a literal way. Rather than simply squeezing in a bunch of product shots, we found a way to make the shots of the various cases to both be musical and have their own appeal, and also to demonstrate the lifestyle uses of multiple cases right in the background, via props and art direction. When attacking the “moment frozen in time” part of the brief, we found that ultra-slow-motion photography provided by the Phantom would not only look amazing but also provide an ideal rhythmic contrast to the very fast sequence of phones- in a way, every image feels like a still, which gives the shot a “stop-motion” feel without feeling rough or handmade.

The end result feels almost like a “slot machine” that stops on different lifestyle moments, embodying the ask to demonstrate phone cases as a lifestyle/fashion accompaniment through a cinematic and visual lens. ¬†Artex executed every element of this spot, from brief to post-production.



The spot was viewed as a smash success that blew away all expectations by the client, who were expecting something more straightforward and not a super-cool entertainment-driven piece that ALSO happened to touch on all of the brand asks. The spot is a burst of energy, sound, and color, and conveys a large amount of brand and product information in a few quick seconds. One of our favorite spots, this represents a case study on how Artex delivers national-spot quality and high-end cinematics, regardless of final delivery format.

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