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The Celebrity Edge Reveal

March 16 2017 by
Hello! Typical internet greeting, What’s that rumble you hear? Coming deep from within the Earth? Why, it’s the arrival of our Celebrity EDGE Reveal video, so fresh-hot from our video oven that I’m typing this with my hands covered in bandages and slathered in aloe. Behold! (above.) There’s so much to say about this project […]

Elephant Insurance

December 22 2016 by
Hello to all! And Happy New Year from Artex Productions. In lieu of mailing you a beautiful hand-written Holiday Card, we instead offer you this ridiculous photograph taken at our annual Artex Holiday Party, know as the PIGMAS: We prefer you do not ask any follow-up questions about the photograph and instead consult our handy […]

Bigger is better, or is it?

December 20 2016 by
It’s a pretty exciting time to be into photography and video production.  Camera technology keeps getting better, with cameras like the Sony a6500 (an update of the successful a6300), Fuji XT-2, and Canon 5D Mark IV all new or very updated for Q4 2016.  Why are these DSLRs and mirrorless cameras good news for filmmakers?  […]

World’s First THX Certified 4k Projector!

November 30 2016 by
To many people, THX may just be that logo with the noise that starts out a movie when you go to the theater.  In reality, THX is a company that certifies and standardizes all aspects of video production- from the editing, sound, video, all the way to the display you watch it on.  THX was […]
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The New Art of Advertising

November 21 2016 by
All over the world, from Miami to L.A. to Tokyo and back, people are receiving their content in new ways. What does this have to do with you?Well, the advertising industry, as well as industry in general, is pushing companies and people to have more diverse skill sets as content delivery changes. Traditional advertising is […]

Going Drone Crazy!

October 7 2016 by
Two new drones just came out that could revolutionize how we use and interact with drones.  These are both tailored towards video use.  The new DJI Mavic Pro and Gopro Karma each take the drone craze in new directions. DJI is a heavy hitter in the drone realm.  They started off with the DJI Ronin, […]


July 19 2016 by
Dearest Friends/Anonymous Internet Persons, Today we bring you our BYCLE video, which you can play above. If you like pretty things, or cycling, or both, you would probably appreciate taking a breather from your day to watch it. This spot had us in full Nat Geo mode: we embedded ourselves deep in the Arizona mountain wilderness, […]

Caseology: Cases for all the things you love

May 2 2016 by
Dearest Virtual Folk, The above video is our Caseology spot (you can also check it out on our WORK page), and if you hit the play button, you will be treated to 30 seconds of phone cases. If you’ve already seen it (2nd notice: watch), then you can already tell that’s WAY cooler than it […]

Airbnb Mexico

March 7 2016 by
Dearest Friends, Family, Clients, and Anonymous Internet Folk, If you’re here, you have no doubt landed on our brand-new webpage, with its brand-new-branding and widgets and doodads flying around the screen, all the time. Congratulations! You’re in a much better place than if you were reading this post on our old site. And what better […]