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Elephant Insurance

December 22 2016 by

Hello to all! And Happy New Year from Artex Productions. In lieu of mailing you a beautiful hand-written Holiday Card, we instead offer you this ridiculous photograph taken at our annual Artex Holiday Party, know as the PIGMAS:

We prefer you do not ask any follow-up questions about the photograph and instead consult our handy FAQ:

Q: Is that a Jurassic Park gate in the background?

A: Yes.

Q: Seriously? You made that thing?

A: Yes, seriously. Our wonderful art director Peter Parente made it.

Q: What does Jurassic Park have to do with Artex?

A: Nothing in particular.

Q: Tim, as a partner in this company, are you even pictured here?

A: Sort of:

Elephant Insurance

But you aren’t here just to dawdle at foolishness. I know you. You want INNOVATION. You want to know about our VIDEOS, and you want to know NOW. So- check out the video at the top of the page! We did all of the 3D graphics for this spot.

(Witness as I strain to connect everything to a holiday theme from here on out)

We were contacted by the lovely people at MATCH to perform the 3D work on a CGI Elephant mascot for their client’s new commercial spots. Full-3D is a little-known but ultra-powerful part of our capabilities, much like a wrapped gift under a tree, shrouded in mystery, containing a laser jackhammer.

One of the distinct advantages that we offer is that we are a relatively small but no less able team- meaning we can offer super-high quality work at a bit of a discount, with us not needing to pay the rent on a giant, boffo workspace etc (we have zero foozeball tables in our office.)

And in no other project is this on display than ELEPHANT.

All credit here goes to our Senior Animator Tonda, who, much like a certain Klaus, continually drops presents down our respective chimneys.

Before Tonda

(I will now provide you with a reductive oversimplification of this process. )

Here are some stills of what we were sent- lovely, completed, but seriously deficient in elephant.

Like so many Christmas Elves, it was Tonda’s job to lead the team in creating a beautiful thing that would bring tears to the eyes of children, out of nothing.

During Tonda

So Tonda and his team hungrily attacked this Holiday ham- starting with the modeling process, in which they create a wireframe with super awesome detail.


Then, onto texturing, which is the process of creating skin and eyes that seem to blend into the environment, much like wrapping an ugly cardboard box with cheery paper.


And finally, to animation, where he created the life-like bounces, shifts, and movements that help sell the scene. I am struggling for a Holiday comparison for this step, so I’m going to skip it if that’s okay with you.


Here’s a neat little BTS video showing us a look at the animation of a single shot:

After Tonda

Voila! The elephant deficiency has been fixed, and the spot now contains plenty of elephant.


From ours to yours, have a fantastic New Year! We can’t wait to show you all the exciting things 2017 will bring.





Tim Warren

Creative Director