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World’s First THX Certified 4k Projector!

November 30 2016 by

To many people, THX may just be that logo with the noise that starts out a movie when you go to the theater.  In reality, THX is a company that certifies and standardizes all aspects of video production- from the editing, sound, video, all the way to the display you watch it on.  THX was first put into motion for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi when George Lucas looked at a lack of continuity in the film production and distribution processes.  In a nutshell, if a product is THX certified, it makes sure you’re getting the most similar experience to the way the director intended it to be. 

With that out of the way, JVC just came out with the first 4K UHD THX certified projector, the DLA-RS4500, the first in the world to carry the certification. The projector uses a laser light engine (it has 48 individual lasers….) and supports HDR, UHD, and wide color gamut for the best in viewing.  It’s also relatively bright for a home cinema projector of it’s kind, offering 3000 lumens of brightness.  It has a 100mm all glass lens (up from 65mm in previous models), and can support up to 200 inches of screen size.   It’ll obviously do 1080p as well, but UHD blu ray will really take advantage of this beast.

JVC BLU-Escent engine

Why does this matter to film production houses?  Well, if you’re making an advertisement or short film, it’s great to know what you’re going to see in the theaters without renting one out.  It also will likely be the benchmark for high end home cinema applications.  The price is a bit steep- around $35,000- but considering full on 4k cinema projectors can cost nearly $200,000, it’s a relatively sensible alternative.  The fact that the color, brightness, color gamut, and a number of other parameters will be on par with many theaters, this might be the ticket for in-house use.

For consumers, this might seem insane, but considering many people spend a good amount of money on their home theaters anyway, having a high end option with certified quality by THX gives piece of mind.  Considering one of the largest TV’s you can get right now, the Letv uMax120 120” 4k TV is around $77,000, the JVC seems less egregious than you’d think.  A friend of mine is a high end home theater installer here in Miami, and he’s said that the very large very expensive TVs aren’t as rare as you’d expect.  I hope to one day see this thing in action.

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