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The New Art of Advertising

November 21 2016 by

All over the world, from Miami to L.A. to Tokyo and back, people are receiving their content in new ways. What does this have to do with you?Well, the advertising industry, as well as industry in general, is pushing companies and people to have more diverse skill sets as content delivery changes.

Traditional advertising is becoming a bit less easy to justify- content delivery mechanisms like Netflix, YouTube, and even Twitter and the ill-fated Vine are changing the way companies reach consumers. Does it mean we need to abandon what we used to know to impact them? Yes and no.

First of all, film and video production are fundamentally unchanged- the physics of light and dark, color and saturation, focus, depth of field, and editing continuity still apply. What changes is the format- videos don’t necessarily have to be long or short anymore- it depends on the product. Instead of relying on a traditional 30 or 60 second spot, internet delivery means that we can make longer (or shorter) videos.

The caveat to expansion and lower cost content delivery is the amount of media that consumers are exposed to has gone up exponentially in the age of the smart phone. How will you stand out in an increasingly crowded space? It’s simple. Relying on those fundamental principles and applying them to make the best most impactful spots tailored to the right content delivery medium. Storytelling is still key.

Creative people with multiple skillets are key- and collaboration is essential. Photography, videography, data analytics, script writing, all of it matters that much more, regardless of the delivery mechanism. Old-guard companies that are set in their ways are not enough anymore. Your communication with a production house should always been a conversation- working together for the best result.

This article was inspired by Adweek.