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Going Drone Crazy!

October 7 2016 by

Two new drones just came out that could revolutionize how we use and interact with drones.  These are both tailored towards video use.  The new DJI Mavic Pro and Gopro Karma each take the drone craze in new directions.

DJI Mavic Pro Drone with Controller

DJI is a heavy hitter in the drone realm.  They started off with the DJI Ronin, a handheld camera stabilizer specifically targeting slightly larger cameras.  Beginning with the phantom, now on it’s fourth generation with the Phantom 4, and then onto the professional DJI Inspire, they’re arguably one of the most experienced drone manufacturers.

The real advantage of the DJI Mavic Pro is size.  It’s absolutely TINY.  It’ll shoot 4k at 24P without a problem. But with the folding arms and propellers, it’s absolutely tiny.  A tiny drone?  No big deal?  Well, a drone with DJI’s tried and tested software is.  This thing is very very stable, easy to fly, and still maneuverable.  It has advanced features like follow-me mode, selfie mode, and some automated flying profiles to help get the smoothest video possible.  This thing is tiny and great.

Karma Drone with Gimbal

GoPro is the heavy hitter of action cameras, and recently they introduced their own drone: Karma. The GoPro Karma is pretty unique as well.  While not as small as the DJI Mavic Pro, it has a detachable Hero5 camera and a detachable gimbal which converts to a handheld camera stabilizer.  It’s a big deal because you need less gear to do more tasks- great when you’re on location or vacation.  Rather than plugging into your phone like the Mavic Pro, the GoPro Karma has it’s own built in screen for the controller.  It’s really a pretty slick feature to be able to detach the camera and use it on a gimbal/camera stabilizer.

GoPro Karma drone with controller

These are different drones really, but one thing is clear:  both of them are really a step forward in features and options.  Both are right around that $1000 mark, give or take depending on features.  One concentrates on an absolutely tiny form factor with it’s already stellar flight controls, and the other gives versatility that we haven’t seen before.  We’ll know how well they work after they start going on the market very soon.