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Caseology: Cases for all the things you love

May 2 2016 by

Dearest Virtual Folk,

The above video is our Caseology spot (you can also check it out on our WORK page), and if you hit the play button, you will be treated to 30 seconds of phone cases.

If you’ve already seen it (2nd notice: watch), then you can already tell that’s WAY cooler than it sounds on paper (screen?)

This is one of our favorite spots, and super-props for the Caseology people for coming in with a totally open mind. They let us pretty much have our way from the beginning, so this is all conceived, shot, edited, full post, etc by Artex and our amazing crew- all from a mere brand brief.

I’ll run you through the basics.


I’m a big proponent of stuff that’s cut together so fast as to gain a stop-motion feel, and the process of watching becomes less about examining the individual frames and more about the process of watching them all together to see how it looks.

I’m also a big proponent of the PHANTOM, which shows stuff in motion in googly-eyed, jaw-dropping Supah Slow Mo, particularly to film stuff that happens faster than our eyes can pick up on.


Said PHANTOM camera

And, behold, right in the brief from the client, what do I find?

They want to feature their enormous product selection (FAST!) and feature lifestyle moments featuring the product as if a moment were “frozen in time” (SLOW!)

So, this spot is a rich beef stew featuring Very Slow Ingredients mashed up with Very Fast Ingredients, and we think the result is a ton of fun, a big burst of color and energy that has been a smash hit for our clients.


This took two days to shoot- one for the super-slow Phantom lifestyle setups, and another just to stick a camera in place and change out all of the phone case backgrounds.

We had a ton of things to manage on this day- a rotating cast of extras, three company moves, a magic-hour sunset shoot, and the fact that each shot took like 10 minutes to play back and review.

Extra-big ups to VICTORIA for holding this all together and for CHRIS to giving me access to one of the best shooting crews we’ve had the honor of working with.

And naturally, none of this is possible without Jay and the MIGHTY GRIP AND LIGHTING team, and Joe Sanchez of ARROW CAMERA.

Also- talent was a breeze to work with, even though it was Miami-freezing that day (yep, had her in the pool, and then outside in the dress getting soaked by champagne) and did it all with a smile.



Our set for Day 2


This day was a ball, because we got to play around with our Art Director Peter Parente, who is a Five-Time All NBA Power Forward in addition to a huge part of the team.

He had the foresight not to tell me to go away after I told him we would need around 50 distinct backgrounds for the cell phone cases- all to be on screen for mere, fleeting moments.

But, as a reward, he got to play in essentially a little sandbox for 12 hours, doing whatever it was that struck his fancy to mix up our backgrounds.


Oh man, was this fun to edit.

Obviously, this was a big music-centered spot, so thanks to the people at MARMOSET for tracking down about the only song that would work for what we had in mind.

And of course, we’ve got James “Chip” Segars on color. And, again, he lovingly colored images that were on-screen for sometimes only a frame, just as if you were supposed to print each one out and stare at it.


James also provided this wholesome, USDA Organic BTS video, which is fun to watch, so I swear I’m not trying to waste your time.


We’ve got a lot of projects to share, so I’ll be back next month with some more items to purvey.


Tim Warren

Creative Director