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March 7 2016 by

Dearest Friends, Family, Clients, and Anonymous Internet Folk,

If you’re here, you have no doubt landed on our brand-new webpage, with its brand-new-branding and widgets and doodads flying around the screen, all the time. Congratulations! You’re in a much better place than if you were reading this post on our old site.

And what better way to bring in the New Site Year than with a hot-hot, fresh from the furnace AIRBNB MX Video?* (*There is no better way.)

Please watch it, because everything I say below this line will be sorely lacking in context if you don’t.

How We Made The Sausage (This is a turn of phrase)

We were given a lot of freedom with this brief- we were given the script, and the requirement that this be shot in actual AirBNB locations, and that’s pretty much it. Major credit to the AirBNB team for taking a chance on a smaller shop that would put their all into it.


So we decided that the best way to present this information would be through a flowing, cinematic piece that involved a constant sense of camera motion, consistent screen direction, and a more formal and less naturalistic (read: more lights) photography aesthetic.

A lot of profuse thanks to deliver, as this shoot was a bit of a beast.

‘’Sure, We Can Shoot in Six Locations Across the Pacific Coast in Two Days, No Problem ’


Our location in the valley

Chris and Victoria were tasked with the impossible, on the logistics side. How do you merge a flown-in crew with multiple local elements, pack everyone into vans through nasty traffic, and cross 50 miles of distance between locations without losing control of your budget?

‘’I dunno how they did it. But that’s what they damn sure did.’

…and Make it Look Great, Too!

Without the careful and considered work of DP Rick and our Main Lighting Squeeze Jay Shropshire, this would have been a light-on-the-fly situation. Thanks to the trust only developed by years and years of working closely together, we managed to get everything we wanted out of our setups.

And without operator Joe Sanch on the Ronin, there’s no way we would have gotten the steady and continuous sense of motion we were looking for. Not only that- we would have blown our schedule completely. Joe is made of something called “iron”, and when normal people need “rest” Joe likes to suggest that we “do another take.”  Saved us time and time again. Also, check out his insane beard.

And Sound Great!

We were lucky enough to enlist Eric Valdes on this trip, our go-to sound guy and Punmaster General. I’m not sure if I appreciate his immaculate technical skills or his ability to add levity to situations that are otherwise tense. Look at that face.


Levity City.

When Did You Need This By, Again?

Naturally, like all good things, the timetable for this in post was “due yesterday.” While it’s a pretty simple chop, it’s got daunting layers of tracking, power-windows, and hours upon hours of meticulous color work, lovingly performed by Captain Chippy a.k.a. our in-house master of post and color, James Segars.

It’s a very difficult thing to do in a short period of time, and we owe him for the look and feel.


Photo from the last setup

Behind the Scenes Featurette!

Segars gifted us with this lovely BTS video, which will help illustrate these words through sight and sound. It features shots of me, purposefully pointing at things, as well as shots of people performing actual work. You could skip all of this text and just watch it, because it’s just better at communicating than I am.


See you next time!






Tim Warren

Creative Director