THE THINGS WE SAY/For Pablo Manavello, 1950-2016


For Pablo Manavello, 1950-2016

January 22 2016 by

As many of you who are close to us know, on this Monday, January 16, Ricardo’s father Pablo Manavello passed away unexpectedly.

This is a grievous wound for the Artex family. Despite all of our personal feelings about him, which are legion, we are forever in his debt institutionally, as a company. 

Pablo was a key supporter of all of us creatively during our formative years. When we first picked up cameras in high school, he was the first one to allow us to shoot and edit at the house. Being the incredible rock-star in exile that he was (seriously, look at his Facebook page and many Venezuelans are mentioning him in the same post as David Bowie), he cared enough and believed enough in us to lend his Berkeley-trained ear for composition in our stupid little home-made films.

And we have grown stronger for it. Not only has he continued to lend his talent to our best work, but his confidence and belief had subconsciously altered us, conned us into believing that this could all actually work.


Pablo was rare- a man without any ironic distance from what he loved. A man who could be taken at face value, without second thought. A man so devoted to the idea of family and peace that he left behind what others would kill for to attain it.

Certainly, Pablo is gone. But the lingering impact of everything he was is impossible to erase, and will shape our company, our lives, and our families lives, permanently.

In the video above, we have edited together clips of his music that he has lent to our work. It is a poor tribute, but an effective reminder of our debt to him.

If you knew Pablo and want to pay last respects, please join us for his parting service.

Saturday, January 23

 4:00pm at the Christ Congregational Church

14920 SW 67th Avenue, 33158

We will be gathering to honor and celebrate Pman’s life. If you would like to bring flowers, at the request of the family instead please make a small donation to help this child in Venezuela in Pablo’s name