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2014 Artex Iberostar Campaign

September 9 2014 by

Hello all!

I am hoping today finds you stuck at your desk in a rainstorm, because I’m about to show you pretty pictures of beaches that you’re not currently on. Congrats on that.

We were contacted over a year ago by all-inclusive hotel giant IBEROSTAR (Yes, they are from Spain, for those of you that recognize that the name is a reference to the Iberian Penninsula, or just really like Jamon Iberico) and they told us they needed 32 different resorts filmed all over the Americas- specifically, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

Naturally, having never shot in another country up to that point, we said “Absolutely! That would be easy!”

Turns out- it was! And it’s been one hell of a project for us. We’re finally nearing conclusion, but needless to say, 32 resorts x 6 videos per resort x 5 languages = 960 videos that we’re on the hook to deliver. So, yeah.

The project wouldn’t be where it is now without the help of our Torito (don’t ask), Victoria Marichal, now our full-time accounts and producing person (and this job is how she earned it!)

She literally supervised every country except Jamaica, spending well over 100 days away from home within the span of half a year, constantly in combat with the forces of 4AM wakeup times, unruly and inebriated resort patrons who didn’t want to get out of the shot, a tired crew, exotic illnesses, the constant temptation to throw our camera in the ocean and just set up a tent on the beach, all that

But, thanks to her, the project was a hit. Everything came together- not one missing shot, and there was nothing at all that we couldn’t accomplish in post that wanted to.

A guest clearly not enjoying herself

A guest clearly not enjoying herself

So, at last, I can show off some of the highlights from the project. We hope it’ll look beautiful and luxurious enough to make you hate your current surroundings. You are welcome.

Grand Paraiso Resort, Cancun, Mexico



Grand Bavaro Resort, Punta Cana, D.R.



Rose Hall Suites, Montego Bay, Jamaica



More! Next week! Bye!


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