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Malibu + Lauren Conrad Shoot

August 29 2014 by

Hey guys,

Long time no talk. We’ve had a craaaazzzy few months here, more of which we’ll talk about in the coming weeks. I don’t know who I am any more. Who am I?

Probably the best place to start with it all is this little shoot we had with Lauren Conrad (she of THE HILLS fame for all of us non-female reader groups) back in July. A few crazy, notable things about this shoot:


It’s for Malibu’s BEST SUMMER EVER campaign. Naturally, one thinks of sun, brightly-colored drinks, etc, etc. Of course, it being a REAL summer in Miami, this means it was POURING on the day of the shoot. Luckily, we had Master DP Sherman Johnson on hand to make the grey, cloudy windows look like bright, sunny windows. Don’t ask me how.


2. They called us on the Thursday before 4th of July weekend, for a shoot with a 4-day turnaround.  Crazy experience. Our company barbecue was postponed, if you can believe it.  But hey, we made it happen.

3. Lauren Conrad’s a pretty savvy lady, totally in control of her image and super self-aware. It was a breath of fresh air to get to work with someone who could easily choose to be completely difficult, but simply chooses otherwise. Thanks, Lauren’s parents/guardians!

4. We had THREE HOURS TO SHOOT EVERYTHING. If you’re in video or film, you know that three hours is but a fleeting breath of air. So, it was a crazy, crazy rush.

Half of the crew is missing from this photo- I think we were like 28 deep.

Half of the crew is missing from this photo- I think we were like 28 deep.


But, thanks to our awesome crew, we nailed it.

Here are our favorites of the actual final products:




And, here’s an awesome video shot by our man Peter Vahan that shows how we built out the suite to look like her bar:


Is this enough quality stuff for a content-starved Internet audience? God only knows.

I’ll be back next week.

Tim Warren

Creative Director