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Here's what we do.

creative development

Carefully listening to your brand objectives and crafting them into a thoughtful, effective, and well-seasoned conceptual dish.

video production

Bringing the concept to life worldwide with a thorough logistical game plan, artful creative execution, and killer on-set snacking.


Honing the best moments from your shoot into a cruise missile of meaning and feelings.


Summoning compelling advertising work from the ether or complementing and enhancing footage with that new VFX smell.

Here's who we work with.

Here's what clients say.

Sara Kinney, Agency Producer
Miami Video Production - Celebrity
Sara Kinney
Agency Producer


I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at Artex Productions on two occasions. Both video productions were for national broadcast. Both complex video productions with multi day, multi location, AND with celebrity talent. They were able to handle all the curveballs that were thrown at them throughout the process. Not only are they professional but they bring a level of fun to the production that makes the process light, stressless, and collaborative. They work as a true partner, without any hidden agendas. They take pride in running a tight ship to get your creative vision created on time and on budget.


Joe Serra, Manager, Integrated Production at UKG
UKG Logo - Artex Productions - Miami's Top Video Production Company
Joe Serra
Manager, Integrated Production at UKG


Artex isn’t just a great video production vendor, they are an extension of the UKG in-house creative team and a true partner that we trust to tell our story to a global audience. The crew at Artex consists of top tier creative thinkers, puzzle solvers, and video production visionaries with one goal in mind, produce high-quality content for their customers that stands out in a sea of sameness. UKG is a newly merged company comprised of two Fortune 100 companies with over 13,000 employees worldwide and Artex played a crucial role during our rebrand to support our marketing initiatives and sales goals. I look forward to the continued partnership and collaboration that Artex brings to the table for UKG.


Winston Linn, Product Marketing Manager at Wargaming
Miami Video Production - Celebrity
Winston Linn
Product Marketing Manager at Wargaming


We had a very demanding and challenging celebrity video production, that needed a full VO recording for use inside our video game product, photography session and video shoot for a 60 second edit, all needing to be captured in 8 hours. I really do think the only reason we managed to accomplish such a demanding shoot was because of the Artex team’s skills and resourcefulness. Artex was amazing throughout the process and helped with all the things we couldn’t do coming from Europe, such as castings, catering, permits, set design etc. They are a very incredibly talented & hard-working team, and would absolutely work with them again.


Senior Manager, Brand Strategy and Communications at Celebrity Cruises, Inc.
Miami Video Production - Celebrity
Sharon Buckland
Senior Manager, Brand Strategy
& Communications at Celebrity Cruises, Inc.


Artex has done numerous video production shoots and produced a ton of videos for my company and we love working with this team. They’re a team of true professionals who bend over backwards to accommodate. They feel more like partners than vendors in the way that they collaborate. Great energy, great work, great team!


Christian Schrader, Creative Director at Virgin Voyages
Christian Schrader
Creative Director at Virgin Voyages


Artex has become a key partner for our creative team. The quality of video production work is outstanding, always meeting deadlines, no matter how challenging. A tight running operation I will always recommend.


Lee Taylor-Curiosity
Lee Taylor
Creative Director at Curiosity


I’ve worked with many video production companies around the country and Artex is one of the best. Their team is collaborative, hard-working and focused on making high-quality content. They are also very fun to work with and always bring great ideas and perspective to their work. All around a great shop!


Here's how we do things.

marketing brands through full service video

We love the work. And this shows in our portfolio. But it’s true: we’re a Miami video production company that absolutely loves this stuff. Video productions. Film making. Advertising. Branding. Charcuterie. The Miami Heat. Hang out with us for a moment on set and you’ll pick up on it right away.

We live to crush. Unlike many video production companies, we’re not content just to take a check and call it a day. We want our clients to be flabbergasted, bamboozled, mouth agape the clutches of awe, and we work towards whatever close approximation of that we can muster. We do also take checks.

We’re active, thoughtful partners. We will accept the term “vendor” only if we must, though we insist it sells us short. But we view ourselves as more than just a video production company. We’re thinking about the bigger picture of the brand, we’re thinking about your client experience. We’re thinking about how to make your lives easier and your videos more impactful whether they live online in a digital world, in brand films, on social media, or on broadcast TV. Hell, we are probably overthinking this, right now. And the more you work with us, the more we start to anticipate your needs.

We’re elite. We dare you to find a video production company that can assemble a better team in Miami than ours. We double-dog dare you.

We’ve got the hive mind. Rather than corral a bunch of high-end mercenary strangers onto a set for three days, our company takes a different approach than a traditional video production company. We use the power of our decades-running team chemistry and overall lack of egos to run a smarter set that shoots better footage, faster than the Miami video production standard.

We’ve got it all in-house. In Miami video production, it’s a thing to have way too many vendors, for this and for that, from concept all the way through post. But we can handle all of that, on projects large and small. We’re like an agency, but for video. But we also love to work WITH agencies too. It’s complicated (not for you.) Either way, your budget will stretch further and you’ll have less headaches when it’s all under one roof.

We’re fun to work with. Sounds trivial? Not in Hour 11, 30 minutes away from going into OT, with your last talent still stuck in Miami traffic. Our company likes to treat people with respect and enjoy what we do, and we like our clients to have a great time with us. We think this should be the baseline, though we have heard that this alone makes us stand out in the Miami video production space. Search no further our reviews say it all.